Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Days Like These . . . .

Ah yes, another dreary and gloomy day. The sky is gray with a buoyant fog veiling the trees like a light winter scarf. The wind is still and the ground is dark and wet. It drank its' full from the constant drizzle that fell long through the night. A light sprinkle still falls as if the rain is undecided. Birds do not sing today and the Sun seems to be sleeping in a little (as did I.) Unlike most, I really enjoy days like these, particularly when they come in the winter. It almost always means that it won't be as cold, or as windy. Days like these are essentially perfect for hot cocoa, movies, warm blankets, and a steady fire. That is of course, if you can afford to stay home. None of the aforementioned activities requires one to actually go outside. And why would you want to really? I feel the same way after a heavy snowfall. Do I really have to go out there? I mean everything looks so perfectly covered in white as if someone meticulously placed each flake of snow (and in a way, someone did.) It would be some sort of a crime, I'm sure, to disrupt nature by shoveling all it's hard work into heaping piles, (almost like a parent throwing away their child's science project,) and leaving muddy footprints along a flawless canvas of white. Well, today there is no snow to shovel. No ice to scrape. No baking soda exploding volcanoes to throw away. It's just wet. Foggy, cold, and wet. It's off to work then. I wrap my thick scarf; my eldest sister crocheted for me a few winters ago, around my neck and put on my coat. I inhale deeply as I step out into the cold morning air and walk towards my car as my foot steps leave their trodden marks on the soggy earth. I smile mischievously to myself thinking of how I'll save that sick-day for when the snow does come. It's in this moment I realize that days like these aren't so bad after all.

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