Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Game On

Being a Playstation fan, I was extremely skeptical to the emergence of the new Nintendo Wii, and even its predecessor, the Gamecube. However, after spending some time with my family over the Holidays, I have developed a new found fondness for both. I know, I know, that’s practically game console blasphemy, but I must say it was pretty fun, and you can even have 4 people play. Trust me, girls are much more likely to play if the controls aren’t as complicated, as they are for Madden or Grand theft auto. Don’t get me wrong, a girl who will jack your ride, shoot and rob you, then take a flame thrower to an unsuspecting crowd on the beach, will always have my heart, but teaching her how can be as hard as getting an elephant to ice skate (not pretty.)

Gentlemen, the key to getting your lady not to ride you so much about playing video games is to get them to play too. I’ve conducted multiple field studies on the subject, and have concluded with scientific certainty, that once an emotional and psychological attachment has been established with a game console, future observations of you secretly attempting to retrieve documents from a foreign government outlining plans for obtaining nuclear chemicals, will be viewed without hostility and even met with compassion, granting you a couple more hours of uninterrupted play. Furthermore, my tests have shown that within the gaming world women can be as competitive as men, and with certain games have even shown to excel to higher levels than their male counterparts (like Tetris for example.) In conclusion, I highly stress to allow a certain level of “controlled participation”, and you will even notice that time spent in this fashion is not only considered by females to fall into the “spending time with me” category, but will also be the key to having many successful repeat sessions. Undoubtedly allowing you even more time to infiltrate German bunkers, obliterate zombies, and throw endless amounts of touchdowns, or grenades (Just be wary to complete chores as necessary and it is also advised to allow them to win from time to time.)

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La Cubana Gringa said...

"Let them win from time to time"???

You are SOOOO going down for that one yo! It's ON!