Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jaguar kills zoo keepr

Those who know me know that I always root for the animals. Always. At the running of the bulls, I laugh when men are trampled by the herds or speared 10 feet in the air, and then trampled. I tear up when bullfighters taunt and kill their opponents, and rejoice when a cowboy gets bucked by anything he shouldn’t have mounted to begin with. When manatees get too rough, when deer attack, and when elephants snap. I’m always on their side. Now of course I never really wish death upon anyone, but as they say, “If you play with fire . . .” We foolishly cage them, train them, and often time abuse them and whenever one of these wild animals attempts to escape, we wonder how on earth they could do such a thing.

They do these things because they are trying to tell us to leave them the hell alone. I don’t fling my feces at you because you think it’s cute, or take you to the bottom of my 60 foot tank because I’m being playful, nor do I drag your lifeless body across the stage because I’m protecting you. I’m stressed out, I’m tired of working, and I want to go the fuck home.

The only travesties I find when animals do attack, is when people are stupid enough to let their children become the victims, or when these beautiful creatures are inevitably put down. No Suzy, I don’t recommend petting the bear, or snuggling with the 500 lb liger. We wouldn’t let our children go into the cars of complete strangers why the hell would we let them touch “wild” predators?

In the latest incident, a zoo keeper in Denver was unfortunately attacked by a Jaguar. His name was Jorge (reason for the attack number one). Now, I know this was unusual because big cats and zoo keepers are never supposed to be in the cage at the same time, particularly during feeding time (I’m sure you can surmise why). I don’t know all the details of the ambush, but the gorgeous Jaguar was shot and killed after it approached rescuers trying to save the woman. Why it couldn’t have been tranquilized or electrocuted, I’ll never know, but I do wish to comment on the half-witts who wonder why it ever attacked to begin with. It’s a wild animal. It lives in captivity. People walk by every day snapping pictures and ogling him. What part of that daily life in any way resembles what the most secretive of all the big cats would do in its natural habitat? Exactly.

All I ask is that we don’t act bewildered the next time someone who raises bears gets mauled by one, or we don’t try so desperately to “figure out”, using human psychology no less, why a tiger would take the life of an innocent little girl. We all loved Steve Irwin (as crazy as he was,) but we also all knew that it would only be a matter of time before something took him down. I’m just surprised it wasn’t a crocodile.


Gnat said...

You should read Life of Pi and then tell me what you think....what you believe is true. :) its a great book. Hope all is well.. love ya.

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