Friday, March 9, 2007

Hiring Squad

We hired a new esthetician, who for now I shall name Bubbles. She’s young, cute, witty, and incredibly funny. Yes, Bubbles has an incredible sense of humor. I haven’t surmised the exact origin of this talent (perhaps from male siblings), but I am intrigued. Very few women, particularly the younger ones, can rival my multifaceted humor, but she does so rather impressively.

I’ve waited a few weeks before mentioning her, because for some reason or another, the Spa industry has high turnover rates and I wasn’t sure whether or not she was going to stay. Our last therapist was a no-call no-show for two weeks, but somehow found time to visit her Myspace page from the morgue (well I’m assuming). Why would anyone not want to be in a beautiful and serene work environment centered around personal wellness where we also exchange services amongst ourselves, so you never have to pay for another massage or facial for as long as you live? I have clients that would donate their limbs for that (well I’m assuming).

Bubbles and I have exchanged small talk regularly in between clients, learning each others back grounds and what we like about our jobs. I’ve learned that she has an obsession with hair removal. Personally I think she’s addicted. She’s confessed that her boyfriend is her guinea pig and she regularly waxes his back and legs. She’s already had me stroke the surfaces of both her forearms, her legs, and her back. And I’d be willing to wager that she also waxes EVERYTHING else as well, but I don’t think she’s gonna let me stroke those though. At least not right away anyway (Well, I’m assuming of course).

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