Monday, March 12, 2007

It's not a Tumor

On my way to work this morning, I noticed a man in the car behind me picking his nose. Although I do not find this behavior completely unusual, his blatant disregard of the world around him and his serious dedication to the task at hand did have me amusingly perplexed.

It’s one thing to quickly insert the tip of a thumb to scrape the inside of a nostril in hopes of dislodging a “crusty” from disrupting the free flow of air, or even sneaking in a discreet sweep or two of an index finger, (I hear that the pinkie twist is also highly effective), but it’s entirely different to shove a finger well beyond it’s second joint to scratch the inside of your skull as if to remove a brain tumor or extract a tracking device. I’ve often observed children concentrating extremely hard to chase down an elusive booger, but I seriously cannot recall the last time I’ve ever seen anyone pick their nose with such fervor.

I chuckled out loud at how long this man was going at it until he removed his finger to examine the tip, as if he were looking at a contact before putting it back in his eye. He continued this ritual for almost a whole ten minutes, even picking up the intensity when we came to a stop light. I tried to signal to other motorists to check out the show, but people have been well trained to not make eye contact with a brown man flailing his arms in a near by vehicle. Eventually he did stop, but only to put his dirty digit on the steering wheel so he could switch fingers. I’m not sure how much further he had to go, but I certainly hope he finds what he was looking for.

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