Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow Day

It’s finally here! The snowy, call in sick whilst sitting on your couch with warm blankets and hot chocolate watching movies day that is. About 4 to 5 inches of beautiful powdered snow has fallen already and the flakes only seem to be getting bigger. My Doberman is looking out the window because he’s anxious to get the fun started. He absolutely loves the snow and always tries to eat as much of it as he can before it melts away. Even though I’ve already reassured him that it’s not time yet, he continues to pace and whine for me to take him out.

A few hours pass by . . . . . .

One movie down and my dog has given me enough shameless pouts to make Gandhi feel guilty. I suppose it’s time to take him out and get some shoveling done in the process. I get dressed and take a few pictures of the pretty landscape, before the neighborhood wakes up to address their cars and drive ways. I take a quick shot of the little bird house I bought last year for the family of Sparrows that prefer to nest in the luxury apartment (aka the dryer vent,) where warm streams of air undoubtedly beat out any other accommodations I could have prepared on my own. After the unfortunate death of its prior tenant, the birds have learned not to venture too close to the source of the heat and I don’t dry clothes too late at night.

I use a 20 ft leash just in case he sees a cat in his neighborhood. To say he doesn’t like cats would be an understatement. I used to be able to catch him, but now I think he could outrun a bullet. We play a game of tag, (his second favorite thing next to snow) but my tennis shoes prove to be a hindrance as he runs circles around me. Just like a little kid he prances around, even ducking his head as he runs to fill his mouth with fresh snow. I chase him around a bit and let him burn off some energy, before I shovel the sidewalk and make a path to the car that looks like a big marshmallow.

After the short work out, I take the puppy on a walk around the block. The half foot of snow makes it hard to go much further. I’m sure he’d like to stay out longer, but it’s a little chilly and it looks like we might be getting another stint of freezing rain. The perfect time to start another movie I think . . . . . and some hot chocolate.

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