Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh Cancun

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . . . . the stupendous Mr. Poopie has returned and although I didn’t think it was possible, with even a more gorgeous brown hue than ever. I apologize for not informing you that I was leaving on a short, all inclusive vacation to the tropical, bikini-clad paradise of Cancun, but I have enough wonderful tales (and pictures) to more than make up for my blogging hiatus, and for forcing you to look at Fergie’s picture for longer than absolutely necessary. My deepest apologies for that offense. The latter of course.

Tales of a Mexican circus, sexed up waiters, a Beetlejuice midget, and a honeymooning stripper will all undoubtedly entertain you. I’ll dazzle you with stories witnessed from the very center of my first ever Foam Party, and make you gasp as I recall the night that shall forever be known as the Bloody Buffet Horror (the tip of my finger will never be the same). There were also drunk Pollocks, sun burned albinos, and more beautifully bronzed boobies than the whole Eskimo population could see in an entire lifetime. And finally, I shall recount the most horrific tale of all, the return flight home. (Let's just say there was more vomiting on the plane, then there was during the whole week in Mexico.)

I’ll be diligently working on these stories through out the upcoming days, and will have something up soon. Please be patience, as the alcohols is still wearing off.


La Cubana Gringa said...

I KNEW I should have warned you about the dangers of Cancunian buffets! Glad to hear you came out on the other side! :)

Mr. Poopie said...

Yeah, I think that would have been kind of helpful. You know like, "Hey you should totally go see the Mayan ruins, and by the way . . . . watchout for the buffet homey!"

At least I faired better than one of my cohorts though. She's had the Cancun runs for three days.

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