Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Great Debaters

I'm sure most of you watched the debate, or at least those of you who aren't under the assumption that the presidency has already been decided because of skin color. But for those of you who did, I just wanted to point out some occurrences and observations that I found in each candidates approach.

During the debate, I noticed that, even after the moderator had encouraged the nominees to share thoughts and statements that we haven't already heard, Senator McCain still had difficulty doing so. Quite frankly, he sounded like a broken record most of the time which was disappointingly similar to what he's been trying to force feed the nation at his last few speeches. A good portion of his retorts were not only identical to what he'd thrown out in the last debate, but were also repeated even when the topic of conversation didn't warrant them. It almost seemed as though when he was asked to respond to a particular theme, that he would use the majority of his time saying something negative about Senator Obama, than actually pointing out major highlights of his own policy. Even after the topic of negativity in both campaigns had been addressed, and Obama emphasized the importance of using the time to more wisely discuss action, Senator McCain still couldn't refrain from keeping a negative standpoint.

I've also discerned, that after every criticism McCain had, Obama wouldn't give merit to his adversary's instigating remarks by firing back, but instead would not only quell accusations with factual accounts and intent, but would also refocus our attention on the topic at hand by outlining the differences in their policies and pointing out the reasons to implement each endeavor. I really enjoyed how Obama not only used attacks as opportunities to explain specific initiatives within his policy, but also how he eloquently would show how each politician's strategy was either similar or different in contrast. I also found it interesting that McCain not once, but three times made a comment about Obama being eloquent, as if that were a bad thing. Look, if you find someone who is intelligent, articulate, has the ability to answer multiple questions, and can explain intricate concepts of government in a clear fashion to be intimidating, then maybe you need to reconsider what it is your doing there. Let's be honest, being eloquent shouldn't be a reason not to vote for someone, but I think you should be weary of someone who thinks so. Ultimately, I think it will be refreshing to have someone in office that can represent our country without looking like a dribbling fool to its citizens and the rest of the world. Someone who can speak intelligently, take decisive action when needed, and wisely consider the things that warrant more thorough attention. Forgive me if I have a standard for who should be our leader. I'm extremely sorry if that person can put a sentence together. I apologize if they don't engage in childish antics. My sincerest regrets if they just happen to be engaging, focused, or God forbid . . . . . . . . . eloquent.

Another observation I had, that kind of goes back to McCain's approach to make aspersions and negative remarks is when the moderator asked what each senator thought about the other's running mate. When Obama answered the question he had nothing negative to say about Palin, (which could have easily been done on multiple levels), but instead spoke of how she would make a fine president. He even went a little overboard so far as to say that she was competent and highly intelligent. When answering the same question, McCain followed his singular compliment of Biden with a rhetoric of his supposed inadequacies and failed insights. How apropo senator, but certainly not unexpected. I think that Obama summed it up perfectly when he commented on how McCain's ads had more to say about McCain's character than who they aimed to slander.


B.E. Earl said...

I thought it was a clear win for Obama, even if McCain did better this time around on certain policy issues.

His demeanor was just awful. There was one "president" on stage last night. Barack Obama.

Cheasty said...

hear, hear. god, i'm on absolute tenterhooks for the election in three weeks. i can hardly sit still for my terror that mccain will somehow pull off a win. please america, PLEASE!! VOTE OBAMA!!

Mr. Poopie said...

earl - I concur. As the last debate, I felt like McCain didn't capitalize his opportunity to secure the swing vote.

cheasty - well, at least your not sitting on molten lava. Tenterhooks . . . not so bad.

Holly Hall said...

I think what was most unsettling about the debate what the smug know-it-all smile that McCain had when waiting his turn to speak.

As if to say, ha ha, I know better than you.

Palin had the same smile.

VERY irritating. I mean, let's be grown ups here!

It's too bad really. I mean, I think McCain is earnest in most respects. I have heard him speak years before all this.

I hopefully can stick to my belief he is a good man, just one that is twisted by his own ambition here.


Let's hope it is decided on skin color.

Go team Barack.