Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have a slew of blog posts that are eagerly waiting to be published and enjoyed by my thousands hundreds many two readers, but after perusing today's headlines, I knew that the following story took precedence. Along with my admiration for breasts, most of you know that I revere animals as well. Oftentimes, holding them in even higher regards than most humans; particularly the stupid ones. Case in point, Jessica Simpson.

CNN.com reports that a wild coyote snatched Jessica Simpson's beloved maltipoo, Daisy, then vanished whence it came. While certainly a tragedy, this event simply reinforces my belief that dogs weren't meant to be bred for toting around in purses. To add insult to injury, Jessica Simpson, in all her infinite wisdom, is offering a reward for anyone who can reunite her with her little dog carcass. Someone needs to tell her that her dog was pretty much dead the second it was abducted. To my knowledge, coyotes aren't the type of scavengers to bestow a pardon to their prey. Anything dubbed a maltipoo, was destined to be low on the food chain anyway. Many of her fans showed their support via Twitter, hoping that the star would eventually find her pooch. Apparently, her fans are just as bright as she is. Sorry Jess, should have gotten a Rottweiler.


Amy xxoo said...

Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton et al and their tiny dogs just arent natural ( this is not even including their fake tans/breasts/lips.. ).

Dogs are not meant to be carried in purses. I need some convincing on dogs even living inside the house. Dogs are not " designer ".

Dogs are dogs people - theyre animals. Let them be animals!

Anonymous said...

Her stupidity pisses me right the fuck off....

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

yeah dude. the dog is dead and gone. gone gone gone.

I owned a rottwieler.


that's a real dog!

Mr. Poopie said...

Amy - Amen. I grew up with our dogs being both in/out, but nevertheless, no matter how much we love them, they are still dogs.

Courtney - Eloquent, yet concise. I like.

Mrs. Holly Hall - welcome back stranger. I'm a dobe man personally, but I have a special place in my heart for Rotties. Such teddy bears....unless someone's trying to break in!

Mr. Poopie said...

Courtney - BTW, I'm your huckleberry....I say that shit all the time and people are like..."wha?"