Thursday, May 27, 2010

Requiem for a Dream

So, I had another interesting dream last night. This would be the second bizarre dream in a row. Not an astonishing feat by any means, but my brain certainly has my full attention. I generally have three types of dreams, the key word, of course, being generally. The first, is the normal, run-of-the-mill type of dream where I'm in a hot tub with swimsuit models in the French Alps, and you know.....we have deep, long, penetrating, invigorating, and mind-blowing conversation about life and what it means. After waking up from these dreams, I'm usually hungry, but have a big smile on my face and feel as though I have reached a higher level of consciousness. People generally comment on my "glow", or ask if I've purchased a new moisturizer. 

The second type of dream is always a high-octane, action packed, Jackie Chan, Bourne Identity-like dream with lots of ass-kicking kung fu. I'm usually chasing someone or handing a beat down to a group of thugs. In these dreams, there is always some purpose I must fulfill in order to restore balance. As with the first kind of dream, my abilities and skills very accurately mirror my abilities in real life. 

The third type of dream I usually have, is some nonsensical, Salvador Dali, Alice in Wonderland type of dream where the setting, characters, plot, and time are all incongruent. These dreams are highly symbolic and rich in hidden meaning, but are difficult to interpret due to their strange composition. For instance, I have this one where I am steering a boat with a long stick, through the Amazon River, and the water is filled with manatees, thousands upon thousands of manatees. One of my sisters is also on the boat that I am carefully maneuvering through the manatee-filled waters in order to avoid hurting them. We are guided only by a lantern. To top it all off, we are part of a painting. I haven't had this one in a while, so I can't remember all that happens. I do, however, remember that it is quite strange. 

The dream I had a couple of nights ago fits under this second description. I jumped in the back of a cab in some New York like city back drop, and when I looked up, I noticed that Robert DeNiro was the driver. Sitting next to him, in the passenger seat, was Master Yoda. Governor Schwarzenegger was to my left, and next to him, believe it or not, was Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman. Everyone was arguing with each other and although the car was moving, DeNiro was driving without looking. Yoda and I spoke to each other telepathically. I remember asking him if I was the last Jedi. He mumbled something about my training being complete and that he was tired of driving the cab.  

What kind of dreams are you having?


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I've had particularly bizarre dreams lately, too, but can't remember them now. I'm pretty sure Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro weren't in them, though, or Jackie Chan either. I really need to start writing them down before they evaporate -- especially the Kafka/Dali/Lewis Carroll-inspired ones.

Brown said...

Heart - I hate it when I have a phenomenal dream, but then can't remember it to save my life. Happens all the time.....I wonder what that means?