Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year Endeavors

This past year was, in many ways, one of the best in my life. While I had no profound epiphanies, transformations, or adventures, I did make small discoveries, which allowed me to grow as a person and become a more efficient communicator. In and of itself, I suppose this is a rather significant accomplishment, however, the results were entirely unintentional; so I’m not really sure I can start patting myself on the back. I will however, celebrate in some fashion, preferably with profuse libation and dancing in the streets. There may or may not be singing. I can’t make any promises because I find that the acoustics in the shower are a little deceiving….

As we bid adieu to 2010, and reflect nostalgically on all of our successes and failures, we inevitably welcome a new one. In doing so, we attempt to dedicate ourselves to fulfilling a specific set of resolves, or determinations intended to improve the quality of our lives. These “resolutions”, as we so affectionately call them, not only occupy quite a bit of our energies, but can even fuel sales in certain industries. Furthermore, they are often the source of much worry when there is already sufficient stress surrounding the beginning of a new year. Generally, I don’t like to get involved with setting myself up for failure, so I’ve concluded to comprise a list of “endeavors” for the new year instead of resolutions. I like to think of them more as general compass directions instead of affirmations I’ve vowed to fulfill in this life or the next. Here is a list of a few endeavors I’d like to see come to fruition; naturally, sans stress:

1.     Write more on this blog
2.     Write in my journal
3.     Write more poetry
4.     Write short stories
5.     Write more letters
6.     Write a novel
7.     Write a children’s book
8.     Eat more flan
9.     Write about eating flan
10.   Pay closer attention to patterns and reoccurring themes in my life
11.   Grad School

As you can see, I intend to take this writing thing by the horns, (wait, am I even still a Taurus?) and really attempt to hone my craft. Regardless of my astrological association, I feel that it’s time I ignored the voices voice in my head warning me of complete and utter failure, and fully committed to writing. It’s about time I regained my focus, determination, and aspire to fulfill my literary destiny. I mean seriously, it’s not like I’m operating or anything. Hmmm…operating, I do like the sound of that...


mischief said...

I do like to read that you are going to do more writing. I think this is an excellent endeavor. Eating more flan is also a fantastic idea (do you make it?) as well as grad school. What will you study?

heartinsanfrancisco said...

More writing and more flan. It's going to be a good year!

Brown said...

mischief (and your ever watchful eye, lol) - I fully intend to eat more flan this year, but I think I'm leery about learning how to make it myself. Firstly, it could possibly lead to addiction or getting sick. And Secondly, I find that, personally anyway, food just taste better when someone else makes it. Unless of course, I'm making my world famous GUACAMOLE! Everyone else's just fails in comparison.

heart in s.f. - I know right! I'm slightly drooling already!