Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Has it really been a week?

It’s Haiku Wednesday bitches! Hmmm…I wonder if that configuration of words has ever existed prior to today…Forgive my elation; I was momentarily possessed by Eminem. Anyway, yall know what time it is...So, without further ado:

Today is Wednesday,
I had to be reminded.
Ginseng is costly.

Put down your phone or,
you will not enter my lane.
How quickly birds fly.

Just got a new phone.
I think I have arthritis.
I am appdicted.

I had tea with death.
The toll of knell rang softly.
Her black carriage waits.

Words are my one solace.
My mind is the soul’s canvas.
Paintings never cease.


Eucca said...

Your quip about ginseng made me giggle.

Brown said...

Eucca - Yessss. I love the thought of you giggling.

mischief said...

Will you really write Haikus every Wednesday from now on? And more importantly, will you continue to call us "bitches" every Wednesday too (because I like that)>.

Brown said...

mischief - Yes. My intention is to write them every Wednesday, as long as they are wanted. As for the latter, much to your dismay I imagine, I think that's more of a one time thing. However, I cannot entirely guarantee not being possessed by random celebrities in the future.

Eucca said...

You like Walt Whitman.
I mean, do you like Walt Whitman?