Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bribery, Mass Shootings, and Chick-Fil-A...What Would Batman Do?

I often get wrapped up in not knowing what to write about. It's actually a rather fascinating phenomenon - not quite writer's block, but her lesser known half-sister, writer's fog. I'll read tons of articles of various themes in order to find inspirational fodder, but end up thinking that there's either an overexposure to these topics, or that they've spawned trivial conversations not worth responding to (e.g. Chick-Fil-A). It's kind of like watching a bar fight among all your friends and not knowing at whom to throw punches.

I generally don't like contributing to close-minded, limited perspectives on current events, or to heated debates on gun control, women's rights, or the apparent, secret government agenda to make people drink more milk (it's true). But at some point, we need to sift through all of the mess and tackle the issues we can actually control. And sorry to break this to you, but preventing angry, socially retarded sufferers of paranoia from masterminding murderous rampages can't be controlled.

People are going to snap whether we make movies about caped crusaders and serial killers or not; it's what happens when fragile minds in poor support systems are put in a vise. Does anyone ever wonder why mass shootings are mass shootings and not stories of white suburban kids with machetes hacking away at innocent bystanders in the food court at the mall? (A real video game I swear)

According to Dr. Stone, 96.5% of mass murderers are males with personality or behavioral disorders who harbor a severe grudge. Sound familiar? These guys are ticking time bombs, just waiting to get fired, bullied, or told that they can't have an egg mcmuffin after 10:30, before unleashing their rage upon the world.

Limiting how much ammunition one can purchase on the Internet or more stringent background checks for weapon purchases will not prevent mass murder, but they are still good ideas. Ultimately, what we should really be asking ourselves is why no one is ever jailed in corporate fraud cases. How is accepting a $15 million bribe to end a criminal investigation into bribery okay? What needs to be done to discourage and prevent war profiteering, unlimited political campaign contributions, money laundering, and risky bank investments? How many more financial melt downs and mortgage bubbles will be needed before we rise up in protest?

While people argue whether or not Chick-Fil-A should be allowed to inundate a city with their fast food and religious rhetoric, or if we should be allowed to own automatic weapons, I'm going to continue to wonder if either is relevant in the grander scheme of things. I mean really, if we can't stop men in suits from regularly committing every form of corporate crime and financial buffoonery known to man, what make us think we can combat hell-bent mass murderers?

So, forgive me for not chomping at the bit to share my opinion about a fast food chain's religious beliefs, I just happen to think that there are more pressing matters at hand. After all, if I'm going to come out of superhero retirement to kick some ass, somebody better be threatening to detonate a nuclear bomb and not threatening to boycott fried chicken.