Friday, February 22, 2013

Pet Peeve #416

I'm not sure what distorted laws of physics, or vengeful ghosts continue to haunt my bathroom, but I'm sick of the shower curtain gravitating towards me and clinging to my leg like an overzealous, pubescent pit-bull puppy.

I even have those stupid weighted magnets at the bottom of the curtain, but they don't really help; I don't have a bathtub made of medal. If my dumbbells weren't made of iron I'd tie the curtain to those.

I already wake up in a bad mood most days, and now I have to wrestle a giant piece of Saran-wrap for real estate while I'm wet and naked? I think I may need an extra shot of espresso this morning....


mischief said...

I lived in an apartment where that happened too. And then I moved to another place and it stopped. Leads me to think it had something to do with the airflow in the room rather than the shower curtain itself. Strange, isn't it? Why do you wake up in a bad mood most days?

Brown said...

I'm not really sure mischief...I've always had a general malaise towards the world and all the evil and stupidity in it. Started in my teens and it's been following me ever since. That fucking baby bird outside my window incessantly chirping for food an hour before I'm supposed to get up everyday doesn't help